Amitabh Bachchan Quotes

“Frankly I’ve never really subscribed to these adjectives tagging me as an ‘icon’, ‘superstar’, etc. I’ve always thought of myself as an actor doing his job to the best of his ability.”

“Bad luck either destroys you or makes you the man or woman you really are”

“Life is a focus. Life is a purpose. A purpose achieved by virtues, which are developed with personal effort. Do not gamble on life. It may not happen twice.”

“If you want to learn how to live your dream, just watch your parents, see how it works for them.”

“The tough part is when you and your dream cannot be distinguished.”

“When you become the dream, dream of not just your parents or yourself, but a point in the journey where you become the dream of a nation. When you become the dream of the choices you made, when your vision echoes in millions of resonating voices across the world, from where there is no looking back, you are the dream.”

“As you stand on this formative threshold, from where you look forward to making those dreams come alive, your parents look upon you with prayers, your teachers look up to you with pride, and the nation looks up to you with hope.”

“Grab it with all your courage and make it happen.”

“There can be times when it will be or feel impossible to perform. It may feel like a fairy tale. No one said that life is easy but never be shaken by its adversities.”

“A dream, a vision is not an intangible, unreal, imaginary piece of fiction. A dream has hands, it has feet, it has body. Your hands, your feet, your body. The dream is you. And you are the dream.”

“May that you always remain united in spirit. And if that means a struggle, if that means a flight to finish, so be it. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about living a life.”

“If I had been a sportsman, a boxer, athlete, hockey player, cricketer. If I had joined the army, the navy, and the air force, if I had been anything else other than an actor, my parents would still have been happy because I was their dream. No matter what, I myself was dreaming to be.”

“Be the dream that you wish to see in the world”

“What you bring to the world are the blessings of your parents, the learnings of your teachers, and your dreams.”

“I’m not quite sure I quite like this word career. Career is literally a dash of speed like a horse does on a racetrack. Bolting it uncontrollable speed without a name or an objective. Life is not a racecourse. Life is an order, a discipline. Life is a focus. Life is a purpose. A purpose is achieved by virtues, which are developed with personal effort. Do not gamble on life. It may not happen twice. A dream, therefore, is much more than a career.”

“The dreams of the parents and the dreams of the child live in one place remember, that place is called home. Not yours, not mine, not his, not hers, no one person’s. A home is always ours, our home. Our dream is our worship. Our vision is our prayer. This is the structure of dreams. This is the bond. This is alter the bondage, a bond of love, the bondage of responsibility. Be that of a small family or that of a large nation.”

“Education, which is in consonance with the belief that, what sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul.”

“We shouldn’t aspire towards a graduation degree merely because of peer or parental pressure, […] We should aspire to become graduates because we feel the need to be complete with the advantage of formal education.”

“The education of the greatest value that I received in my school, which was Sherwood College up in the hills, in Nainital, was how to be a human being, or what we call in shorthand, character.”

“Sherwood (the college in which Amitabh Bachchan studied) taught me to live in dignity with my peers, live in a community, and live well with myself in the world at large, in consequence. Living together, working together, learning together, fighting and loving each other, competing fairly in noble rivalry, and cooperating supportively. I learned a sense of fellowship.”

“I’ve always believed that one must harness the power of dignity through training, training of the mind, the body, and the spirit.”

“Another word for this training is called discipline.”

“I didn’t always like to agree with the routine of boarding school and the rules. But afterwards, I can tell you, I really appreciated the fact that had it not been for its initially imposed regimen, I could not have learned to harness the power of my own dignity, for myself.”

“You will have any amount of support from outside the ropes, but inside you’re on your own.”

“The greatest prize in life is not the recognition of worldly success. The prize, the best crowns the human being is that of the possession of a good character.”

“To discover the value of one’s dignity is also to discover the value in the dignity of others. And through that, the dignity of a community.”

“The right to education is a fundamental right, a fundamental human right, a fundamental dignity.”

“To pursue the aim of education for all is therefore a duty of states. But it is not just a duty for the state, it’s a duty for every one of us to uphold fundamental human rights.”

“As soon as one can read and write, one becomes a member of a much larger community than would be otherwise possible. A community that also extends into the past and into the future.”

“Literacy not only enriches our inner lives, it is also an indispensable means for effective social and economic participation, contributing to human development and poverty reduction.”

“Not being able to read is a human poverty, not being able to read is an inhuman poverty. Not being able to read deprives the human of the right to live in our collectivity. Not being able to read is a loss of freedom.”

“A good education is the most valuable thing that a human being can possess. It is our greatest wealth, individually and collectively.”

“In the world beyond these walls, fortunes will come and go. Money will come and go. But a good education can never be taken away once it has been possessed.”

“Knowledge is most valuable when it is shared.”

“To all my fellow students, and I call you fellow students because I’m still one. To all of my fellow students out there, maybe take heed every day of our wealth, hunger for it, strive for it, nurture it. But above all, share in it.”

“We share it (education) through reading, surfing, listening, talking, debating, exploring with each other about what is good and bad and what we do say and believe.”