Dandapani Quotes

“It’s important to know that everything begins in the mental plane first before it manifests in the physical plane”

“We think about something first and then we start to create it in the physical the human mind and the human body is the machine on this planet”

“There’s a clear separation between awareness and the mind we’re not the mind rather we’re awareness moving through different areas of the mind”

“You’re not the mind, rather that your awareness moving through different areas of mind, you can control where your awareness goes”

“You’re not the mind, rather that your awareness moving through different areas of mind, you can control where your awareness goes”

“One of the things you want to do is to be mindful and be very conscious of where you’re spending your energy, you only have so much energy each day, right?”

“Remember what manifests in your life is in how much energy that you’re actually investing into something”

“Simplify your life to the most important people and the most important things in your life”

“I would say the closest (subject) to my heart would be spirituality as it is the most important at this time in human evolution”

“Because most people aren’t taught how to concentrate you know and because they never taught how to concentrate they don’t practice and without focus how do you achieve and what people practice all the time is distraction they they’re constantly shifting their awareness from one thing to another to another”

“How would you get to know someone, how would you have a deep experience if you’re always being all over the place”

“..the more focused you are, the more efficient you are”

“I would say in general if a person can focus they can definitely be more productive they can be more efficient, but I think one of the greatest benefits of being able to focus is the ability to experience life fully”

“How many times do you go out and you enjoy a meal a really nice meal and you go and you go to a restaurant with friends because you want to enjoy the meal that the restaurant has and you sit there and you can’t even enjoy the meal because you’re so distracted you know you can’t enjoy the things you do you see people go to beautiful places and get distracted with things and they can’t really focus long enough on what where they are or what they’re experiencing to even enjoy it and then they go through life with really really shallow experiences”

“I have one life as me and the next life I’m gonna be somebody else and in this life, I really want to live a rewarding life I want it to be worthwhile I want it to be special I want it to be enjoyable in order for me to do that I need to be able to create these experiences in my life I need to choose the people I want to spend time with the conversations I want to have the experiences I want to have then the second step is I need to be able to be focused enough so I can actually enjoy those people enjoy those conversations they can enjoy those experiences I’ve created for myself”

“I think the biggest thing is that you need to make the case to yourself as to why focus is important you need to sell it to yourself and unless you buy into the concept you’ll never do it”

“Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we’re gonna live for a bit right people think that all the time they think like oh I’m 15. I had my whole life ahead of me absolutely not you just don’t know when you’re going to die you don’t want to sit down all day thinking that you’re going to die that’s a terrible way to live but what I do is I always remind myself that my life is fine”

“(When you )respect the number the amount of time you get then you’ll start to say, okay how can I learn to concentrate how can I leverage the power of focus in order to live the best life possible then you’ll start doing something about it but the honesty of this one where most people won’t do anything about this”

“One of the biggest things I learned from my guru it’s not really the the quantity that you do in the day but rather the quality”

“I’m sure he(Usain Bolt) runs every day right I’m sure he stretches drinks plenty of water eats healthy food his whole day is preparing him for 9.56 seconds”

“It’s better to say your whole day becomes a practice because then how do you differentiate between you sitting down cross-legged with your eyes closed breathing that’s meditation and then when you’re talking to someone you say that’s meditation too and then when you’re eating it’s meditation now you’re using one word to describe a hundred different things”

“You can say my whole day is a practice of being present through the outer concentration of being focused when I sit down close my eyes and go within I’m meditating does that make sense?”

“You don’t need to be anything more special than who you are today to just begin to meditate or to begin to start a spiritual practice”

“Whatever it is you practice is what you become good at so if I practice concentration every day I become good at concentration if I practice distraction all day I become really good at distraction so imagine if I’m jumping from one thing to another you know every 10 or 15 seconds because being trained by social media to do that what would I become good at I become good at keeping my focus as for as long as 15 seconds”

“Through a repetition of words (affirmations) you can create patterns or impressions on your subconscious mind”

“If you drew a three-story building, your conscious mind would be on the ground the subconscious would be on the second floor the sub launch is basically what it is it’s a hard drive every experience you’ve ever had in your life gets stored in the subconscious whether you remember it or you don’t remember it gets registered there; any information you consume gets stored in the subconscious and then the third area of the mind state of mind would be the superconscious that’s the highly intuitive creative spiritual area of the mind”

“Repetition and practice does not have the ability to discriminate whether it’s good for you or not good for you, so if I repeat a pattern that’s negative my mind doesn’t tell me to stop doing that I’m doing something wrong; it will just create the pattern in the subconscious”

“You know it’s really important that before you create an affirmation that you be very clear what it is you want because if you’re not clear what you want then you’re going to be creating something when it actually manifests you may not be happy with the result of it”