Denzel Washington Quotes

“Put God first in everything you do”

“Everything that you think you see in me everything that I’ve accomplished everything that you think I have and I have a few things”

“I’ve been protected. I’ve been directed. I’ve been corrected, I kept god in my life, and has kept me humble, I didn’t always stick with him, but he always stuck with me, so stick with him in everything you do, if you think you want to do what you think I’ve done, then do what I’ve done and stick with god.”

“That’s right fail big, today is the beginning of the rest of your life, and it can be very frightening, it’s a new world out there. It’s a mean world out there and you only live once, so do what you feel passionate about take chances, professionally.”

“Don’t be afraid to go outside the box, don’t be afraid to think outside the box don’t be afraid to fail big to dream big.”

“Remember dreams without goals are just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment so have dreams but have goals life goals yearly goals monthly goals daily goals.”

“I try to give myself a goal every day Sometimes Just did not curse somebody out simple goals, but have goals and understand That to achieve these goals You must apply discipline and consistency”

“To achieve your goals you must apply discipline, which you’ve already done and Consistency every day not just on Tuesday and miss a few days you have to work at it”

“Every day you have to plan, Every day you’ve heard the saying we don’t plan to fail we fail to plan”

“What my mother said to me was Denzel you do a lot of good but you must do good the right way she said that you can’t buy your way in can’t love your way in you got to serve you got to do good the right way”

“It can be wobbly the world has changed, what is our role as a man?”

“I’ve been high up on the mountain, I’ve been blessed but that’s a slippery slope and it’s lonely up there”

“I’m not gonna sit or stand on any pedestal and tell you about what I had in mind for you or your soul because the fact of the matter is in the whole 40-year process I was struggling for my own soul”

“Life has humbled me, I used to say I wanted to be the best actor in the world, when I won the second Oscar I said I wanted to be the best actor I can be, now I don’t even necessarily want to be an actor it’s not my goal anymore it’s not a burning desire for me I may segue out of it in the next few years if not sooner.”

“Society is forcing success down our throat comparative success down our throat you know I don’t know if the bible says it but it’s somewhere it says in the last days we’ll become lovers of ourselves”

“That family, I didn’t do it by myself I couldn’t have done it obviously without my mother I couldn’t have done it without my wife I couldn’t have done it without my children”

“Fame is a monster”

“I’m human, I’m just like you, you know what, I have will not keep me on this earth for one more day, I never looked at things as problems, I look at them as opportunities maybe look maybe that’s something I can say”

“You must apply discipline but more importantly consistency because without commitment you’ll never start but without consistency, you’ll never finish these”