Beautiful Gay Love Quotes

Gay is a word used to describe homosexuality but in general, it is more often used for people of male gender falling in love with one another. That is when two people of same-sex generally males get into a relationship or fall in love with each other than you can term it as Gay relationship. Gay people are often discriminated and shamed in the society. A lesbian relationship, however, is not shamed or discriminated as much as the gay relationship. Although gay relationship, if looked biologically, there may not be any second generation until and unless you adopt a child. Because technically the person of the same sex cannot have a child according to the rules of nature. But if we see this beautiful relationship in another perspective then you will realize that love sees no gender, caste or religion and it just happens. You can follow gay love quotes to know more about Gay relationships. Here we’ve compiled Beautiful Gay Love Quotes and Sayings about Relationship Between Two Men, Same Gender Love Quotes Images, Man to Man Love Quotes to describe Strong Relationship Facts, Short Gay Quotes about Being Gay for Boy, Romantic Gay Love Quotes for Boyfriend, Gay Couple QuotesSame-Sex Love Quotes with Positive Thoughts etc.


Beautiful Gay Love Quotes and Sayings about Two Men Relationship

Man to Man Love Quotes and Sayings Image

Gay Love Quotes Image

Gay Love Quotes Image


  • I have huge fans. Gays love me. ~Ann Coulter


  • Don’t Just Look for Mr. Right — Become Him. ~Anonymous


  • Gay is an understatement, what I feel for you is love! ~Anonymous


  • I love gay people. Or as I sometimes call them, ‘people. ~Rob Delaney


  • I love straight guys that seem gay. I’m a little like that. ~Paul Rudd


  • Gay love, God save it, so soone hottie, so soone colde. ~Nicholas Udall


  • You wanna know who I’m in love with? Read the first word again. ~Anonymous


  • People say being gay is a sin, but it also says God loves everybody. ~Anonymous


  • You don’t fall in love with the gender. You fall in love with the person. ~Anonymous


  • My sexual orientation points to nothing more than my love for one man, you. ~Anonymous


  • Let my loving arms embrace you for all eternity with all the strength of man. ~Anonymous


  • As a straight man, I love going to gay bars. People at gay bars just love to dance. ~Steve Kazee


  • They are all human, still breath, hope, and love. Their love is just for the same sex. ~Anonymous



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  • If you fall in love with someone gay and you’re the opposite gender, it’s not going to work. ~Rosie O’Donnell


  • I am a huge fan of gays. They love me, and I love them. They think of me as sort of a gay icon. ~Tori Spelling


  • I have waited this long to love you in the open, I can wait an eternity to have in my arms again. ~Anonymous


Same Gender Love Quotes Image

Gay Love Quotes and Sayings Image

Gay Love Quotes and Sayings Image


  • People don’t become gay, bisexual, pansexual, transexual. People just fall in love with another person.
    ~Calum Hood


  • Seriously, I love my gays. They accept me, and I accept them. Imperfections and all, we accept each other. ~Loni Love


  • Society says men aren’t supposed to show emotion or love each other, but my love for you can’t be contained. ~Anonymous


  • I love a gay and sociable wisdom, and shun harshness and austerity in behavior, holding every surly countenance suspect. ~Michel de Montaigne


  • The way I approach the character isn’t about being gay or straight. It’s just about who you love. Gender has very little to do with it. ~Mia Kirshner



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  • I once had to love you from afar because the world said it was subpar, now I love you from near or far because my love is where you are. ~Anonymous


  • It seems to me that the real clue to your sex-orientation lies in your romantic feelings rather than in your sexual feelings. If you are really gay, you are able to fall in love with a man, not just enjoy having sex with him. ~Christopher Isherwood


  • I love being gay. I love gay people. I think we’re better than other people. I really do. I think we’re smarter and more talented and more aware. I do, I totally do. I really do think all of these things. And I try very hard to remember all this. ~Larry Kramer


  • I love to go and mingle with the young In the gay festal room–when every heart Is beating faster than the merry tune, And their blue eyes are restless, and their lips Parted with eager joy, and their round cheeks Flush’d with the beautiful motion of the dance. ~Nathaniel Parker Willis