Guru Gobind Singh Quotes

“Call me Gobind Singh, only, when each of my Sikh will fight with more than one and a quarter lakh of enemy”

“If you keep thinking only about your future You will also lose your present.”

“If you keep thinking only about your future You will also lose your present.”

“When you destroy the ego sitting inside you Only then will you get real peace.”

“I like those people, those who always follow the path of truth.”

“God gave birth to all of us, so that we do good work in this world and remove the evil spread in the society.”

“To love man is the true faith and devotion of God.”

“Only by the good deeds done by you can attain god. And god always helps those who do good deeds.”

“Whoever calls me God, he will go to hell.”

“Always consider me as his servant. And don’t put any kind of doubt in it.”

“When all means fail with man, only then it is right to take a sword in the hand.”

“Don’t ever be in a hurry to shoot your sword on the weak, otherwise the creator will shed your own blood.”

“He has always given happiness to his followers and has helped them all the time.”

“Oh lord bless me, that I should never hesitate in the slightest of doing good deeds.”

“These friends are completely united, and they will never be separated again, because they have been united by the creator himself.”

“The most glorious happiness and lasting peace to a person is attained only when one completely eliminates the selfishness sitting within.”

“You always remember god day and night, always.”

“Let everyone praise and hail the true guru, who has led us to the treasure trove of devotion to the lord.”

“You have no true friend except the name of god, all the followers of god contemplate and see this.”

“You have created this world, you are the master of happiness and sorrow.”

“You are your own self, you yourself have created the universe.”

“Only by serving the true guru, you will attain complete peace, all the troubles of birth and death will vanish.”

“An ignorant person is completely blind, because that ignorant person does not value valuable things.”

“God Himself is the forgiving.”

“No one has got the name of god without guru.”

“There is no peace without a name.”

“Those who always worship the name of the lord, they all attain peace and happiness.”

“I bow to that guru, who reminds us of the teachings of god.”

“Servant Nanak is the servant of god, god preserves his honor and dignity with his grace.”

“The selfishness of man gives rise to many inauspicious thoughts.”

“I sacrifice myself for the person who meditates on god day and night.”

“We should remove from the heart all those rituals and those thoughts, which take us away from the devotion of god.”

“Always remember god while doing your deeds, and follow the path shown by him and follow him.”

“You should work sincerely to run your livelihood.”

“Always give one-tenth of your earnings to charity.”

“Work hard, not to be careless about your work.”

“You know about your youth, caste and caste religion, never be arrogant, always avoid it (arrogance).”

“Always before fighting your enemy, take recourse to material, price, punishment and distinction, and end up in a one-on-one battle.”

“Do not slander or criticize anyone, avoid him. And instead of being jealous of any person, pay attention to your actions.”

“Foreign citizen, unhappy person, handicapped and needy person, always help (them) from the heart.”

“On all the promises you made, try to live up to it.”

“Any form of damage to the body, do not consume intoxicants and tobacco etc.”