Happy Birthday Quotes For Grandma & Grandpa

The head of the family is not the one who incomes for the family but the ones who are the eldest of all and they are your grandpa and grandma. It is seen that when they grow old, they are thrown out of their own house to live in a clumsy place which is also known as old age homes. They built it all with their blood and sweat and now they are not supposed to live in their own house, is this justified? We should respect our elders and make them more so that they can feel proud of what they have done till now. So if their birthday is near then you can just make a decent arrangement for their birthday. Also, you can download happy birthday quotes for grandpa and birthday quotes for grandma with images from the internet to make them happy.


Happy Birthday Quotes For Grandma & Grandpa

Happy Birthday Grandmother

Birthday Quotes For Grandma


To my grandmother, my first idol, happy birthday!


I hope I will grow old as well as You did. Have a special Birthday Granny.


No gift can express well enough my love for You. Happy birthday grandmother!


You are the inspiration for me. Your wisdom made me wiser. Happy birthday granny.


May your day be full of birthday wishes, hugs, and kisses! Happy Birthday, Grandma!


You raised me as you were my mother. I will always Love you! Happy birthday Grandma.


Sending a little birthday note for my sweetest grandma – you are loved a lot! Happy Birthday!


Because you’re the nucleus of our family, all love centers around you! Happy Birthday, Grandma!


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On your birthday, I pray to God to keep you health and happy always. Happy Birthday, grandma!


I’m sure you are tired counting the years of your age. May these years be endless and full of happiness!


You are so sweet just like your cookies you baked us all these years. May you live another 100 healthy years.


I wish I could give you a whole garden of red roses, each one indicating my love for you. Happy Birthday, grandma!


Love and happiness to the woman who gave me great attention and many warm hugs all these years. Happy loving birthday!


My school teachers and the books have taught me the lessons that my sweet grandma was always saying. Wish you happy birthday.

Birthday Quotes For grandpa

Happy Birthday Quotes Grandfather


Grandpa, you are certainly one in a million! Happy Birthday!


Hope your day is bright and warm. Happy Birthday, grandpa!


Happy birthday grandpa, you are certainly the pride of our lives.


Grandpa! Our sweet bond will remain intact forever, Happy Birthday!!


Thank you for being such a great granddad to all of us. Happy Birthday grampy!


Everyone has a grandpa by I took away the best one! Happy Birthday, grandpa!


I know I am amazing – credit goes to you. I have taken after you. Happy Birthday, grandpa!


Happy birthday to the most wonderful Grandpa on earth, my best friend and my inspiration.


Grandpa, may you live a much longer life, a life full of gladness and health. Happy Birthday, I love you!


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Happy birthday to my mind reader, my life coach and my go-to guy for everything in life. I love you grandpa.


I am glad that God chose you to be my grandpa. This shows God really loves me. Happy Birthday, grandpa!


Just like my grandpa, the world’s finest wine is textured to the finest balance as it aged. Happy Birthday Grandpa!


Birthdays come only once a year, so let’s not miss a chance to have a great celebration. Happy Birthday, grandpa!


You gave the gift of your time and love to us, and I want to make sure you know how much you mean to us. Happy Birthday, grandpa!


Grandpa, you certainly are the best grandpa in the world and I believe that your birthday should be hailed as a national holiday! Happy Birthday!


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Happy Birthday Grandfather

Happy Birthday Grandfather Quotes & Sayings Image

Happy Birthday Quotes for Grandmother

Happy Birthday Grandmother Quotes & Sayings Image