How Does the Guru Manage to Save His Disciple’s Life?

Have you ever wondered what it means to have a guru in Hinduism? A guru is not just a teacher or a mentor, but a spiritual guide who can help you reach your highest potential. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of the guru-disciple relationship in Hinduism and how it can change your life. We will also look at a fascinating story of how a guru saved the life of his disciple using his divine powers and wisdom. This story will inspire you to appreciate the power of faith and devotion in the guru-disciple relationship and how it can work miracles.

The Guru-Disciple Relationship in Hinduism

What is a guru? The word guru comes from the Sanskrit root “gu,” meaning darkness, and “ru,” meaning light. A guru is someone who dispels the darkness of ignorance and leads you to the light of knowledge. A guru is not just an ordinary teacher, but a spiritual master who has attained self-realization and can lead you on the path of liberation.

The role of the guru in Hinduism is very important. According to Hindu scriptures, there are four sources of knowledge: perception, inference, comparison and testimony. Among these, testimony is considered the most reliable source of knowledge, especially when it comes from a guru who has direct experience of the truth. A guru can impart knowledge that goes beyond the reach of the senses and intellect and can reveal the secrets of the self and the universe.

Having a guru can bring many benefits to your life. A guru can help you overcome your doubts, fears, and attachments, and can show you the way to happiness and peace. A guru can also help you develop your virtues, talents and abilities and awaken your hidden potential. A guru can also bless you with grace and protection and remove the obstacles on your spiritual path.

However, it is not enough to have a guru. You must also have devotion and trust in your guru. Devotion means deeply loving and respecting your guru and sincerely following his instructions. Faith means having a firm belief in your guru’s words and deeds and trusting his guidance completely. Devotion and faith are essential to the success of the guru-disciple relationship because they create a bond of love and trust between the two.

The Story of How the Guru Saved His Disciple’s Life

Now that we understand the concept of the guru-disciple relationship in Hinduism, let us look at an amazing story in which a guru saves the life of his disciple with his divine powers and wisdom. This story is taken from the Mahabharata, one of the most famous epics in Hindu literature.

The story goes as follows: Once upon a time there was a great sage named Drona, who was very knowledgeable in all fields of knowledge. He had many disciples who learned from him various subjects such as archery, warfare, politics, philosophy, and so on. Among his disciples, there was one named Arjuna who was very dear to him. Arjuna was very talented and diligent in his studies and he had a special interest in archery. He wanted to become the best archer in the world and always sought the advice and blessings of his guru.

One day, Drona decided to test his students’ archery skills. He took them to a forest where he set up a wooden bird on a branch as a target. He asked each student to aim his bow and arrow at the bird’s eye. Before he shot, however, he asked them what they saw when they looked at the target.

The first student said he saw the bird, the tree, the branch, the leaves, etc. Drona asked him to move aside as he was not ready to shoot. The second student said he only saw the bird and nothing else. Drona told him to move aside as well, since he was still not ready to shoot. The third student said he only saw the bird’s head and nothing else. Drona also told him to move aside, as he was still not ready to shoot.

Finally, it was Arjuna’s turn. Drona asked him what he had seen when he looked at the target. Arjuna replied that he saw only the eye of the bird and nothing else. He said that he did not see himself, his bow, his arrow, his guru, or anything else except the eye of the bird. Drona was very pleased with Arjuna’s answer and ordered him to shoot. Arjuna shot his arrow with perfect accuracy and hit the eye of the bird.

Drona praised Arjuna for his concentration and skill and declared him his best student in archery. He also gave him a special blessing to protect him from harm. He said that if someone tried to harm Arjuna, his divine powers would protect him and the damage would hit the attacker instead.

Years later, during the great war of the Mahabharata, Arjuna’s enemies tried to kill him with many weapons and tactics. But each time, his guru’s blessing saved him from harm. One day, Arjuna’s enemies decided to use a special weapon called Brahmastra, which was known as the most powerful weapon in the universe. Arjuna knew that he could not defend himself against this weapon, and he was on the verge of giving up hope.

At that moment, he remembered the blessing of his guru and prayed to him for protection. Suddenly, his Guru appeared before him and taught him how to fight the Brahmastra with another weapon, the Narayanastra. Arjuna followed his guru’s instructions and fired the Narayanastra at the Brahmastra. The two weapons collided in the sky, causing a huge explosion that shook the entire universe. However, Arjuna’s weapon was stronger and destroyed the Brahmastra, saving Arjuna’s life.

This story illustrates the power of the guru-disciple relationship in Hinduism. Arjuna’s devotion and faith in his guru saved his life from a deadly weapon. The divine powers and wisdom of his guru helped him overcome the attack of his enemy and emerge victorious. This story teaches us that a guru is not just about learning from a teacher, but about surrendering to a spiritual guide who can protect us and lead us on the path of truth and liberation.

The guru-disciple relationship is a unique and profound relationship in Hinduism. It is based on the principles of devotion, faith and surrender and can change your life. A guru is not just a teacher or a mentor, but a spiritual guide who can help you reach your highest potential. Having a guru can bring many benefits to your life, such as happiness, peace, wisdom, and protection. This relationship requires a deep commitment from both the guru and the disciple, but it can work miracles, as the story shows how the guru saved the life of his disciple.