Imran Khan Quotes

“The reason I was more successful than others was because, I learned from my mistakes, I was better at analyzing my mistakes and then correcting them than other people.”

“Successful people are not those who don’t make mistakes but who analyze their mistakes and eliminate them.”

“When I came into cricket after my first test match, I was dropped kicked out of the team, didn’t come back until three years later when I was trying to make it everyone used to tell me you don’t have the talent, my older two cousins who are my role models they used to remind me were far more talented than me at my age and throughout my cricketing career I was told it’s impossible you cannot do it.”

“I also had a lot of ridicule people laughing at me throughout various stages of my life but this is really what I want to tell you, successful people are fearless, [] they fight their fears they’re not scared of failure they do not care what people say because people change what they think all the time.”

“I remember going into bat and a whole crowd of people in Lahore cricket stadium cheering me, line of Lahore; I got out first ball and the same crowd started jeering at me the next day when I did well in bowling again they cheered me so I realized that public opinion is fickle do not allow your lives to be driven by what people say, go by what your objectives are what your passions are what your ideals are and never ever downgrade your ideals in the moments of weakness.”

“When you’ve suffered a setback that really is the time to reflect why you’ve suffered a setback and correct the mistake and keep going towards that ideal.”

“The problem is it’s not a defeat that destroys you, it’s being demoralized by defeat that destroys you.”

“As long as you keep learning from defeats you will always keep coming back and get stronger all the time.”

“I wasn’t the most talented, but it was this ability to keep coming back that I succeeded.”

“A leader and all of your future leaders, you must not accept this. You must not take the trodden path you have to become a leader. You have to face resistance.”

“No one has ever achieved anything if they haven’t faced failures if they haven’t had disappointments, if they haven’t had days when they don’t want to wake up get out of bed no one has ever achieved anything to achieve anything in life you have to be prepared to take on the odds face disappointment.”

“All of you do not realize that all of us have the almighty has given tremendous strength which lies within us. You only discover that strength when you put yourself up against resistance.”

“If you don’t face resistance, that strength lies dormant within you. The moment you take on challenges, you will then start discovering this the enormous strength you have in you, so when you go on the trodden path, you will never discover.”

“I used to stay up all night thinking, god what if I fail? What are my first matches which I played in front of my home crowd in Lahore? I went into bat. The whole crowd on the right side of the pavilion is calling me the Lion of Lahore, all the way cheering me all the way.”

“Resistance, setbacks, failures are a way of looking into yourself, soul-searching and university education should enable you to analyze your mistakes better than others.”

“You should be able to go to the core of what’s going wrong, make amends and then you always get back much stronger.”

“In anything you do in life, you have to believe that you’re going to win. You can’t think what if I don’t win and my mind doesn’t work that way? I believe I’m going to win and it’s a matter of time.”

“There were much more talented cricketers than me when I was growing up in my school, which I went to was a made a school for privileged children and the society and in that, I excelled in my school. But when I actually got out of the school to play cricket from or my city, I discovered that the children coming from the poorer backgrounds had much greater hunger and drive than the people the boys were studying with me in this privileged school. I discovered that in my school; we had the best coaching and the best teachers and the best cricketing facilities and the grounds and the wickets. We could not compete with these boys coming from the streets because their hunger and drive was much more. Not only did I discover that these boys were much hungrier than me for success, but they were far more talented. But the reason I succeeded was because I had bigger dreams. I thought bigger than them. I wasn’t satisfied.”

“When I was 18, I played for my country wasn’t very good I was dropped off to my first test match everyone thought that was the end of my career but the reason I came back was because the first time I got dropped I tried to analyze my weaknesses I look first time I played in England and I saw these other great cricketers and I realized that the bullying action god [..] was restricting me from reaching my ambition which was at that time to become the best fast bowler from then onwards rather than be limited by my natural bowling action I decided to change it to reach my ambition.”

“It’s important to know your limitations, people who don’t know your limitations are not successful.”

“Never to be restricted by your limitations. Never accept them, always try to expand those limitations.”

“(People) who are aspiring for big things, remember this, that all your life you will be told that this cannot be done. Do not accept this.”

“When you compromise on your mission or your ambition, that’s where the downward slide starts. If anything, always upgrade your ambition but never downgraded, never accept anything less than what you came for.”

“If I am to become the fastball the best fast bowler in Pakistan and if I had accepted what the coaches told me that your bowling action would not allow me to me to get there and accept it something less than, I know that it would be to have been the end of I would have just become one of the ordinary cricketers.”

“Ambition must be upgraded all the time.”

“When you keep struggling to go up, this is where your inner strength comes in.”

“We all have great potential, but it’s only when you pit yourself against challenges that you begin discovering this potential in you.”

“The more you put your mind to pressure, challenges, the stronger it becomes.”

“Oh hawk, don’t be scared of these gusts when that hit you, they are meant to make you fly higher”