Irrfan Khan quotes

I had no other way to keep engaged myself no other way I had choices when I was a teenager [] I could have indulgence few things in it clue you know engaged me but somehow you know my naive mind you know whatever it kept telling me that you need to find your space where you could engage yourself.

I have a lot of anger, and lots of anxiety, I get bored with things easily and I could never fit into the system any kind of system.

This drama traumatic experience in this [] being oneself into so much of in shell it made me realize made me notice things.

In Delhi, there was an atmosphere where I could watch international cinema European cinema. I was introduced to all this kind of cinema and that was my [] lot of source of inspiration and I’ve learned a lot from those movies.

My struggle was to just keep my inspiration going.

I should watch actors so who gives me a kind of [] goalpost can reach the experience and explore a character with these [] things so many dimensions make a character.

I was still struggling to see myself as an accomplished actor where I’m I’m playing with the craft I’m still struggling.