Jaya Kishori quotes

Sometimes being silent is better than creating words sometimes peace is better than being right, there are situations in life when we could have been silent and handle the situation more gracefully but our aggressive reactions ruined it all.

Here are situations where you should always stay silent.

Be silent in the heat of anger, anger does not solve anything, it builds nothing but it can destroy everything so it’s better to stay silent when you’re angry to give yourself some time to understand the situation more properly rather than just reacting.

Be silent if your words could damage a friendship.

There is a saying apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right it just means that you value your friendship more than your anger.

Be silent when you don’t have all the facts, little knowledge is always dangerous; be any stream of knowledge any part of wisdom in-depth knowledge of it is necessary in order to be able to formulate an opinion or develop a line of thought whether it is art science literature politics technology communication astronomy spirituality religion, etc so instead of giving away your half knowledge and making a complete fool of yourself, it’s better to stay silent and speak only when you have full knowledge about the things you are saying you.

Life is beautiful but not always, it has a lot of problems and you have to face them every day life is full of paths you just have to choose the right one but you should make sure you don’t choose that path in a rush because anything done in hurry is never a good decision so there are some things that shouldn’t be done in a rush at all.

Love is the most beautiful feeling but only when you are with the right one and to find that right person you need time you should never rush in finding love because that love is going to decide your future life you have to spend the rest of your life with that person in one room this decision shouldn’t be taken in a rush always take your time and make the right decision making future decisions no matter where you start with time good choices lead to a better life and bad choices lead to a low quality of life you make choices constantly consciously or unconsciously and they have a great impact on your life your one decision can make your life heaven or can ruin your life so it’s very necessary to take ample amount of time before you make your future decisions.

Don’t trust anyone blindly most people you meet are with you only for their own sake and interest, it takes years to build trust in someone you shouldn’t give away your trust easily because if something went wrong it can easily make you lose your belief on love or relationships so it’s better to take good time and not rush.

There’s a saying first impression is the last impression but I think judging someone in just a meeting is not the correct thing to do there are people who seem to be very pleasant in the first meeting but turn out to be something exactly opposite of it and in the same way sometimes people whom we don’t like in our first meet become an important part of our lives so we should never judge someone in just a minute give them time try to know them and then make your opinion about them.