Joe Dispenza Quotes

“Because resentment, frustration, impatience creates a very incoherent heart. And when that heart becomes incoherent, you stop trusting yourself. There’s no energy there, you stop trusting in your future.”

“If there’s physical evidence in your brain and body, physical evidence to look like the event has already occurred, it’s quite possible you’ll be thinking neurologically within the circuits of your future and you’ll begin to feel chemically within the boundaries of that emotion of your future!”

“How you think and how you feel is your state of being! And now your state of being is living in the future instead of the past.”

“The moment you disconnect from the emotion of your future because of traffic, or some co-worker, or your ex, or whatever people come up with, now you’re back to the energy of your past. And now you’re going to start looking for it. Analyzing, why hasn’t it happened?”

“We all take blows in our lives and we all react emotionally. But the question is – how long are you going to react?”

“If you can’t mediate and regulate your emotional reactions and those emotions linger for days, that’s mood. And then (it becomes) months – temperament, years – personality trait.”

“The person’s personality is literally based on the past, but they don’t know that because they’re doing it over and over again. It becomes a subconscious program.”

“If requires a coherent brain in a coherent heart, then we have to train people how to self-regulate.”

“It (how to create and sustain heart coherence) just requires getting still, closing your eyes, putting your attention on your heart, changing your breath so that you move into the present moment. And when you slow your breathing down, you slow your brain waves down. When you slow your brain waves down, now you’re accessing your autonomic nervous system. So then, you train a person how to open their heart and feel an elevated emotion, and it takes a little practice. And just like a flower that takes time to bloom, it takes a little bit of time.”

“But if you work and trade the resentment, the frustration, or the impatience for gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness and you keep at it, they’ll come a moment where that system switches on. And now you’re feeling grateful for no reason at all, right? That’s not a bad thing.”

“The emotional signature of gratitude, means something’s happening to you, something has happened to you, you’re receiving something, or you just received something.”

“Your body then, when you’re feeling gratitude, is in the perfect state of receiving! So then, that means then you’ll accept, believe and surrender to the thoughts equal to the emotional state of gratitude.”

“If you’re living and resentment, you’re living in fear, you’re living in impatience, you could say: I’m healthy, I’m healthy, I’m healthy, I’m wealthy, I’m wealthy, all you want. And that thoughts going to stop right at the brain stem and never make its way to the body.”

“Once you start opening your heart, it begins to move into coherence, it begins to produce a measurable magnetic field up to 3 meters wide. Now, that’s frequency, that’s energy. And all that energy, that frequency, carries information, carries an intent.”

“When you’re feeling gratitude and your heart is open, you’re broadcasting energy into the field. A frequency. You lay the intent of the thought of your health, your wealth. That frequency can carry the thought of your wealth! It can carry the thought of your health.”

“The moment you disconnect from the energy of your future because of some circumstance in your life and you lose that feeling, if you’re practicing it on a daily basis with your eyes closed, then the next level is to be able to open your eyes and do it, right in the moment and be able to self-regulate.”

“Change the frustration from some experience in your life back to the energy of your future. Now, that requires great awareness and great effort.
But if you have a community of people that are practicing this on a daily basis and they’re connected to their future because that’s where their at in their mind, they begin to want the future more than the emotions of the past.”

“Once the heart begins to become orderly and coherent, it acts as an amplifier and it drives the energy to the brain. So now the brain is getting more energy once the heart is open. And then you’re thinking different set of thoughts. And those thoughts produce different chemicals for you to feel more of that.”

“We don’t see things how they are, we see things how we are!”

“As you begin to change your circuitry, you’re going to perceive more of reality! And why? Because we probably perceive 1% of reality.”

“Am I making a difference in the world? How can I begin to affect change and help people to heal or create a better life for themselves?”

“When you change your energy – you change your life!”

“You just disconnected from the energy of your future. You got to be greater than the conditions in your environment. You gotta maintain that state of being, you got to be greater than the habits and emotions of your body. And you got to sustain it for an extended period of time.”

“The moment you take your attention off your body and you go from somebody to nobody, you take your attention off the people in your life and go from who identify with, from someone to no one, and so many people spend their whole life building an identity, being someone.”

“Take your attention off your cell phone, your computer, your car, and go from something to nothing. Take your attention off where you’re sitting, where you need to be, some place you have to go, go from somewhere to nowhere. And take your attention off time, linear – thinking about the predictable future or the familiar past, and fall into the generous present moment, and go from some time to no time, then all you’re left with is consciousness. And that’s the moment you’re no longer playing by the same rules of matter to matter.”

“When you no longer are identifying with your body, your environment and time, that’s the moment you’re pure consciousness. You are just an idea, you’re awareness. Awareness that has nothing to do with local space and time. And now, if you’re… You can go beyond.”

“It takes a long time for the personality to change the personality, for the ego to change the ego, the programs to change the programs takes forever, matter takes a long time to change matter. But when you’re in this moment, you’re no longer playing by those rules. Consciousness is the phenomenon above matter!”

“Consciousness is beginning to activate or manipulate circuits in the brain.”

“If the brain can change, then the mind doesn’t change the brain. Mind is the brain in action. It’s consciousness that changes it!”

“When people begin to disengage and get beyond themselves, you are at your absolute best when you get beyond yourself.”

“All the things they thought they wanted, they actually no longer want because they feel like they already have them!”