Marilyn Manson quotes

If it was bad reviews I would say I didn’t care about it.

well you know it could be because it was your religion and what it maybe wasn’t supposed to be hers.

Give me more things to hate or love, just a better menu.

I don’t feel the limitations of separating any of my expression anymore for concerns of respect or anything like that I feel like this is who I am and you know taking great inspiration from dolly andy warhol where everything is open to me.

I think parents should raise their kids better or someone like marilyn manson’s going to.

I like to provoke people so they think you know – I think that’s that’s a healthy part of uh entertainment.

I’ve always measured success not only by the amount of people that love you but the ones that hate you too because if you do something then everybody loves it’s not really worth too much.

I think drugs can also work as a bit of social darwinism it kind of weeds out to you know a lot of people that abuse drugs make the people that use them look bad.

I said don’t hit this whatever you do and I gave him a bat, just a test in human psychology.

It (Platinum teeth) guarantees a body cavity search which I find a good way to kind of lighten up the day.

Everybody takes it for something different it’s entertainment it’s art I’m trying to bring excitement back to rock and roll.

I don’t like french toast I like freedom toast.

If an artist can make you lose your faith, your faith was rather weak.

(After questioning you call yourself Marilyn Manson because?)
Thats my name.

Ive got two kids now in the life. One is in a jar.