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that’s just my life that was just what I was I was an early early ready player of course later on in life I couldn’t sustain it due to my body and injuries and things like that but you know my time was early I’ve got no no question in my mind that as a you know ten eleven to ride the way up to 20 I was one of the best players in the world at that sort of at that age I don’t think there was many about 15 year-olds in the world that may at that time and that obviously continued for a certain period of time but then injury sort of slowed me down you know I think I was probably on the decline of 23 I’m painting serious it’s very sad isn’t it but you know when you drop sure one of your hamstrings and it doesn’t repair you know and you know you were compromised as I was that happened at 19 I mean I won the Ballon d’Or in 2001 so what was i there 21 and but I would still say that you know I think I was at my very very very best you know 17 18 19 and then of course I was still young at 20 21 22 I was still you know right up there board I think that I was up there but on the on the decline I guess so yeah that’s you know a lot of trophies came around when I was 21 22 23 but I think I was probably at my best earlier I’m really pleased I played for Real Madrid and we you know it was a it was an opportunity to try something different and even in the street now even when I speak to my best mates you know the characters of this world and they’re intrigued by it you know every all footballers or entry it’s the Holy Grail in many ways you know it’s go and play for a Barcelona or Real Madrid it’s a football as Holy Grail and I got offered the opportunity I just thought I have to take it following that obviously I wish things have been different I wish I could have just gone back to Liverpool and lived happily ever after there I would still do all those things I would still sign from an United because that was the best option of that uh you know I’m not ashamed of anything I did despite lots of people wanted me to be ashamed because that’s the situation now they are presented themselves at the time and your 30 to 33 years of kicking a ball about and now it’s just gonna stop that realization was wow that’s quite quite mad and no get away from even though I thought it was a really good with you know waiter to go out and I felt really comfortable about it it’s still a huge change of your life now right what do you do now you go into a TV studio or now you’re doing something else then going into train and it’s just like this is weird so your life changes no matter how perfect your retirement is your life is gonna change and of course that emptiness of not going into training no laughs anymore with with all the lads not feeling special in yourself anymore I’m not a footballer anymore and I’m not being something – I’ve not got that opportunity to be a hero anymore what’s my what’s the point the life lost me the purpose of life and it and that sounds very extreme I wasn’t sort of down and depressed or anything else like that but it’s an adjustment everybody after that has to make you know and just it’s not exclusive to footballers either you know I felt as if I had to get over everything mentally on my own I don’t think anyone ever helped me and sat me down and discussed anything whether I would have been open to it as a football or not there’s another point as well but certainly when I retired you know I you retire you’re off you know you’re worthless to to you your employers anymore aren’t you yes they’ll show you respect yes they might offer you a ticket to a game on so every year or something I don’t know but you know you’re pretty worthless then to the game and to play in the game and to get your head round that is quite tricky you

[Music] in his new autobiography reboots Michael Owen sets the record straight writing about his spat with Alan Shearer the effect football has had on his personal life and his telling off from the Queen well do you want to start with that you’ve gotten a lift with her majesty yes I didn’t think that that would have been royal protocol at all we all supposed to what I thought I did the right thing it was it was such an honour I got asked to go in the carriages at Royal Ascot and we were in the third carriage me and my wife yeah it was an amazing day had lunch at Windsor Castle and then up the carriages and everything else it was all going perfectly and protocol we were all told before the day you know this is what happens when the Her Majesty talks to you take your hat off etc etc right so as soon as we pull into the parade ring Her Majesty was walking around looking at the horses and then decided right it’s time to go we all have to sweep round and there was only a dozen guests so I was near the front and as she called us all over to get in the lift I saw walked over and she shouted more come on we can all all fit in this lift that’s exactly what she said so I obviously got close took my hat off and then walked into the lift and she said come on come on we can all squeeze in so I’ve squeezed up to her with my hat here and she literally closer than me and you are here and she looked at me said if you put your hat back on we might have enough room for all of us frustrated my wife is here she’s not you’ve just been showered up by the coach by the Queen yeah I’m still to this day I’m not sure whether she whether it definitely was a shout and I felt like she has a stern way of me on her very clear last night I had this show with Cristiano Ronaldo and you actually took over the number 7 shirt at Manchester United which he had obviously made God like and just be fair you he took the God out of it but you went through a period after the 98 World Cup where you big even absolute superstar this young you know superstar all around the country couldn’t can’t take his kids to the park you know isn’t your in now huge story Aventis you can’t rego out everywhere I went veranda mr. mayhem you must recognize a lot of what he’s saying there from your experience yeah I mean for a short period of time in particular and then of course you know your star wanes and you still get recognized when you go out so some people in my position now would would still feel a little bit uncomfortable going to restaurants taking their kids to the bar but it’s a fraction of what it’s like for him for him Messi David Beckham people like that there’s a select few where life is just not normal it’s just changes and you really think that they’ve got everything but really they’ve got nothing you know they’ve got very little in terms of where do you sit on the Ronaldo Messi debate I’m a Ronaldo guy I actually think Ronaldo sent him in the last five years where he’s won two golden boots to Messi’s none in the last five that actually I think he’s now interesting for me I think he is the greatest who ever played again what do you think well I think they were I think Massey was born a better footballer I think he’s got more genius natural qualities but I think Ranaut if I was a manager put it this way if I was a manager in a Premier League team and I got offered which I’d take Ronaldo seemed interesting and why well he’s proven in in different leagues he’s done it international level I mean he’s he’s everything he’s answered every question I mean and with all due respect Messi has only played for Barcelona he’s not proven in a differently he’s international level probably not lived up and he’s probably in a better team international level whereas Renaldo’s single-handed now they told me the difference for him he felt between him and other players is was mental woman he knows mental strength I burst onto the scene as a 17 year old I won the Golden Boot in the Premier League at 17 went to the World Cup as we know won the Golden Boot again at 18 so all of a sudden I was this young kid in the public eye everything took care of you know your agent all of a sudden takes over write everything off the pitch let me concentrate on football the picture he painted for me the image he painted was probably a bit whiter than white bit dull bit boring he had to create an image tell us about the Shira thing because it K this all came about because you went to Newcastle he was brought in to be the manager he was obviously the Newcastle hero and Newcastle got relegated and it seems to have been a bit of a sort of blame game on both sides where he probably didn’t want to be blamed for taking the team down he tried to infer that you didn’t want to play for Newcastle at the end of weren’t giving a hundred percent is that really the catalyst for this that’s his side yeah I mean I had a groin injury a week or so before the final game we needed to get a result away Aston Villa and normally I felt I would probably about five six seven days away from being fit and I tried the day before to sprint I was with the physio and I was getting to about 70% I thought if I push any further than this it’s gonna reach out it’s gonna go again so I said so Allen I said listen last game of the season I’ll play but I fear that I’ll be coming off after five minutes as soon as I explode into action it’ll probably it’ll probably break down because I felt that before and it’s happened and you know dozens a time so I said I’ll what I would do if I were you you’re the manager what I would do is I put me on the bench if we’re desperate for a goal throw me on I’ll just try to loiter around the goal and I’ll try to Nick one and that’s exactly what happened I did unbeknown to me yeah he felt that that was a betrayal of yeah like that I’m not gonna put my body on the line you know some sense no has he not made any attempt to contact you in the last couple of weeks this is all game oh no nothing not and nothing either way I mean I don’t expect him to you want to make out with him well I’ve got no problems with with Alan Shearer at all I mean he is with you well he thinks that I didn’t put it in for him let’s say in the in the final game so the issue is with you know with him too he’s disappointed in me I guess but and we were big mates no he were used to play golf or some is safe in his house really is and I’m disappointed under myself because and I didn’t even know until a year after I left Newcastle mutual friends said to me when I said I need to give him a call he said don’t bother he’s not he’s not your mate time they need like alright Maisie well it’s yeah it’s a cracking riri boot my Cologne my life my time you were a brilliant play I’ve got to admit it I don’t want to admit it you were a brilliant player I would have loved to have had you at Arsenal Ronaldo taunted me last summer saying any Lee joined us the team are serving he could have had if they’d all join they would want everything if ever you were manager but it’s what I like about it Michael is it’s honest it’s an honest read it’s what you really think some great opinions in there and I would encourage people to read it I think it’s footballers get a bad rap this is the kind of book that gives you a better rap so thank you very much for coming in thank you you