Milkha Singh quotes

You can achieve anything in life it just depends on how eager you are to get it.

You can make your life successful through self-discipline and hard work.

Discipline, hard work, and willpower made me so strong that it is even death that I am not afraid of.

Making yourself completely dedicated to the goal is the only way that leads to success.

The bigger the goal, the bigger the commitment.

An athlete’s life is really difficult. There will be many instances where one might feel to leave or take shortcuts, but remember there is no shortcut to success.

It doesn’t matter if you die, there is still one more try.

You should always have a sense of pride in your mother tongue.

One’s stomach (hunger) is the one that makes you do things. It’s only then that a human’s life is born.

There is nothing wrong with promoting one’s sport or mother tongue.

No one can stop you from winning until you are ready to stop.

Situations may force a human to become a dacoit.

My success’s reason is that I concentred on very few things at once.

Don’t measure your country’s respect with money.

Today you may win, tomorrow you may lose, but the after you might win again.

There is an unlimited amount of energy stored inside you.

I wish before I die, one more Milkha (another sprinter) should illuminate team India.

The first rule of success is you should trust in the work you are doing until the work is completed.