Mufti Menk quotes

When we were born we didn’t even make a noise besides crying at a certain stage it was just crying it’s just the miracle of Issa oh Jesus.

So when we were born we came to this world without really knowing how to speak there was no sound that was made beside that which did not make sense but do you know what a mother who is experienced would be able to differentiate between the cry of a child so the mother will say this crime is for hunger this cry is because the child is perhaps waste this child this cry is because the child is tired and this cry I don’t know I want it let’s go to the doctor

When we hit the peak in certain ways we start slowing down once again

Something amazing is when you are young and you are perhaps an infant you’re weak you depend on people to do your things and the people around you do it happily, the parents will take you to the doctors happily if you happen to be sick they will carry you they will lift you they will perhaps move you from point A to point B they will feed you they will change your nappies everything happens happily.

We grow to a peak and after peak, after a certain point we start dropping in certain ways when I say certain ways I mean physically […] more than anything else.

We develop and we grow and there is room for improvement and everything we do we can do better.

Belief makes us understand why we are in the world.

From the point of birth right up to the point of death, I must be conscious of the fact that I don’t know when I’m going to die I have no clue this might be your last few moments it might be my last few moments I don’t know so if I were to die now.

Your test is whilst you are in the world look at what is happening to others and learn a lesson for yourself.

We love ourselves after so many mistakes so why do we hate others for one or two mistakes they’ve made.

If people display bad character towards us, it should not make us drop our good character as a result.

Don’t let past mistakes make you lose hope of achieving good. Some of those with the worst past have made a great future for themselves.

Whilst smiling is considered an act of reward putting a smile on the face of abuse is considered an even bigger act of reward.

When you feel heartbroken and disappointed because things don’t seem to make sense, put your hands up and talk to the almighty. You don’t need words if the hurt is too much. Speak silently from your heart. He made it. He will surely mend it.

Every test in life makes us bitter or better. Every problem comes to make us or break us. The choice is ours to become victims or victorious.

Whenever you are alone, remind yourself that the almighty has sent everybody away so that it’s only you and him.

The moment you start comparing your life with others is the start of your downfall. You’ll lose your peace and sense of gratitude. Thank the almighty.

As long as you are alive, you’ll have problems. Face them head-on and try your best to solve them. Running away from them is never an option.

We live in a strange world where the poor walk miles to get food and the rich walk miles to digest food.