Muniba Mazari quotes

I’ve never claimed to be a motivational speaker yes I do speak but I feel more like a storyteller because wherever I go I share a story with everyone.

If you think that your life is hard and you’re giving up on that because you think your life is unfair think again because when you think that way you are being unfair to your own self.

Sometimes problems are not too big we are too small because we cannot handle them.

The real happiness doesn’t lie in success money fame. It lies within real happiness lies in gratitude.

I believe in the power of words many people speak before they think but I know the value of words the words can make you break you they can heal your soul they can damage you forever.

Wherever I go they call it adversity I call it opportunity they call it weakness I call it strength they call me disabled I call myself differently-abled they see my disability I see my ability.

There are some incidents that happen in your life and those incidents are so strong that they change your DNA those incidents or accidents are so strong that they break you physically they deform your body but they transform your soul.

Incidents break you, deform you, but they mold you into the best version of you and the same thing happened to me.

When you share your story and it doesn’t make you cry that means you have healed.

I still remember I asked my mother why me and that is where I started to question my existence that why am I even alive what’s the point of living I cannot walk I cannot paint fine I cannot be a mother and we have this thing in our heads being women that we are incomplete without having children I am going to be an incomplete woman for the rest of my life what’s the point.

The words have the power to heal the soul.

All I knew was that if I will give up my mother and my brothers will give up too. I cannot see them crying.

There are always turning points in your life there was a rebirth day that I celebrated after two years and two and a half months when I was able to sit on a wheelchair that was the day when I had the rebirth. I was a completely different person.

I cannot wait for a miracle to come and make me walk I cannot sit in the corner of the room crying cribbing and begging for mercy because nobody has time so I have to accept myself the way I am the sooner the better so I applied the lip color for the first time.

That day I decided that I’m going to live life for myself I am NOT going to be that perfect person for someone.

We all have fears fear of unknown fear of known, fear of losing people, fear of losing, help money we want to excel in career we want to become famous we want to get money we are scared all the time so I wrote down one by one all those fears and I decided that I’m going to overcome these fears one at a time.