Nipsey Hussle quotes

Americans, it’s about seeing long time seeing a vision understanding that nothing really worthwhile happens overnight it’s just sticking to the script long enough to make something real happen laying a brick every day instead of trying to build a brick wall just lay a brick every day eventually you look up you don’t have a brick wall.

I never been one of the people that could be comfortable being careless some people I’ll notice the quality that they don’t have that they just don’t have the I guess the pressure on myself you know they just have a little bit of comfort that I don’t have I don’t feel comfortable unless I know I’m went above and beyond with my preparation the things that possibly could happen if I take real steps to prevent those things I’m not comfortable I can’t walk around you know charismatic and happy Nah I gotta make sure you know we setting up some type of wealth because we might have we might have a little bag right now well we know a lot of people had a bag right now and they ended up bad.

I was always the hustler so when I talked to a young dude I’m like well my advice to you is gonna be money advice.