Sindhutai Sapkal quotes

Fate had less luck, she did not come out even after her death
Fate had less luck, she did not come out even after her death
the people themselves gave up, so the stone ground turned out.

Has the identity of the mother of orphans, if she is, no one is an orphan, the mighty time lost before her courage, Chindi became Sindhutai Sakpal.

(A good chapati is like an aphorism for a good marriage life) Husband’s flour and Wife’s oil and salt are what takes for a successful marriage. Equally 50-50!!

I was in frenzy everywhere. No one respected me, if anyone noticed, It was only Insult I face. But It did not stop me from living my life.

I went to die under a tree. While I was thinking to die, I observed the tree which itself had a deep wound. My attention went to the tree’s trunk which was oozing with a crimson-colored fluid that looked like tears smeared by blood.
Immediately a thought flashed into my mind “You are making a mistake, Sindhutai!!!. Even if the tree is wounded, it’s still casting a shadow and you are ready to die in fear of the wound inflicted by the world?”

I want to tell all the women, and girls that the country needs you. It won’t work with your shoulders bent. Keep your worry nest intact!

Only a mother has the power to forgive the whole world.

I’m 4th pass, and my daughters are BAMS/MBBS (physicians/doctors). My sons are MPhil and PhDs. One son is doing Ph.D. at Pune university researching my thoughts.

Everyone has thrones under their feet, even I had plenty too. Don’t wait for them to turn into flowers. Learn to live with those thrones while having faith that they will turn into flowers one day.

If I only had shade, I would have never learned Sun’s heat. I experienced hardship that’s why I understand others’ hardships faster.

A man a never evil but his hunger definitely is.

No matter how much you are hurt, never stop. Time will eventually heal that pain. If you completely immerse yourself in that pain only darkness will accompany you.

If you learn to ignore the pain of being hurt. Happiness will eventually come the next day to your door.

There are lots of troubles you’ll face when doing good work.

Learn to bear the pricking of thorns while walking on a pile of flowers. Thorns only know to pierce, they don’t know the pain.

When you start flying, destiny strikes a bow. But don’t sit around obsessed with your wound.
If possible you might lose some feathers around which may eventually grow back. But learn to fly and leave no footprints.

If someone does a favor for you be prepared to do a lot of cordiality for them. We have a culture of sharing not snatching.

A person cannot become strong if there are no crises in his life. The game of light and darkness is life.

Don’t be afraid of small problems. Just keep walking. Learn to make friends with adversity.

If not to live for yourself, learn to live for others.

If there is ever a crisis in life, stand firmly. This reduces the crisis’ height and we can breathe.

Adversity gives us energy. Adversity shows us the way. Crisis gives us a new vision.

If you ever get sad in life, avoid shedding tears. Learn to walk holding the hands of tears.

Children, be sure to love. Love your mom. Love cow. Love the soil. Love thoughts. Love culture. Learn to love. Boys only love girls these days.

What’s education? Strengthening up your body and generating energy! That’s education.
Immersing yourself in is education, and empathizing with others’ pain is education.

Remember one thing, how you are is not important, how you look is not important but how you live is important.

Learn to live from desperation to hope. This will continue to happen. Sun and rain will go on. If we want we can find a way. Make sure to others too benefit from us.

Those who walk through the thrones become very strong. What is the use of only flowers? Accept the thrones with flowers.

Learn to stand firmly. Learn walking. Learn to wipe others’ tears. Learn to get there, then and only the nation will change.

I hunger for food every day. I too get hungry. At the time I was begging in trains. I am a train beggar, thats my introduction.

It’s my aim that others should not suffer from the hunger I feel and If I do, I should go to that extent to help them.