Volunteer Thank You Quotes

A volunteer is one who helps you in a good cause organized by you by his or her own will. In today’s date more and more people are getting involved in volunteering. Generally, people volunteer without thinking of any profit but you should sometimes appreciate their hard work because they have done so much without any profit and praise would be enough to make them cheerful. You can also make them feel great by making banners made up of volunteer thank you quotes and sayings. Volunteer appreciation quotes will always make a volunteer cheerful. You can easily find volunteer thank you quotes on the internet. You can also share them with someone you know did something for volunteering. Or you can simply put them as your WhatsApp status updates so that other people get encouraged and step forward to volunteer some good cause.

Volunteer Thank you Quotes | Appreciation Sayings for Volunteering

Volunteer Thank you Quotes

Volunteer Thank you Quotes


  • Heartfelt thanks to our volunteers.


  • Thanks for volunteering, your help was greatly appreciated.


  • Thank you for the generous gift of your time and your heart.


  • Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. Thank you.


  • This world stands on the responsible shoulders of volunteers. Thank you


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  • Volunteerism is a currency that appreciates. Thank you, volunteers. ~Anonymous


  • There is no “I” in a team, but we sure are glad there is “U” in our volunteers.


  • Here’s to all volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay. ~Robert Orben


  • For some people, volunteering is about giving. But for the likes of you, it is a way of living. Thanks.


Volunteer Appreciation Quotes | Thank You Note for Volunteers

Volunteer Appreciation Quotes

Volunteer Appreciation Quotes


  • Volunteers like you are a ray of hope…for those whose lives are plunged in the darkness of despair.


  • Real life lessons don’t lie in books, but in working with selfless people like you. Thanks for volunteering.


  • The only people that are making a difference are those who volunteer. You are the best. Thank you so much.


  • For changing a country, the biggest part is played by volunteers. They give and they make a difference.


  • Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless. ~Sherry Anderson


  • You work here better than all of us and yet without any fee. You are really special. We salute you and we thank you.


  • Volunteers like you should take birth in this world by the dozen, for your kindness makes you one in a million. Thanks.


  • Volunteering your time and organization skills contributed to a hugely successful event. Thank you to a valued volunteer.


  • Volunteers like you are one in a million, and this world needs such people to be a better place then it is. Thank you so much.


  • The key to our success rests in people like you, who embody the spirit of greatness by saying, “Yes I can, and you can, too!”


  • Every drop of your sweat will go towards building the foundation of someone else’s life. Thanks for working hard as a volunteer.


  • I know it has been a lot of work, but you’ve done a wonderful job keeping the inflow and outflow running smoothly. Thank you!


  • The wealth of love that you have amassed by volunteering will pay interest in the form of happiness for the rest of your life. Thanks.


  • The youth is doing everything it can to be different, but few are doing everything they can to make a difference. Thanks for volunteering.


  • By volunteering you have just given the most expensive and priceless gift anyone could have ever given – kindness and love. Thank you.


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  • The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. ~DeAnn Hollis


  • Volunteers are givers and takers. They offer their wealth, and they take blessings from God and prayers from all the people they have helped. Thanks for everything.


  • You have proved that volunteers do not want to be praised for helping others, rather they are the people who thank others for giving them the opportunity to help others.